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Before you begin digging for an in-ground or above-ground pool, contact a digging Rochester NY specialist for a thorough inspection of your property to avoid any risks or unnecessary delays.

In Rochester, preparing pool installation grounds is due to specific standards and restrictions. Excavation in Rochester assesses your property carefully to avoid future difficulties. Following our careful preparation, our certified and insured excavators will have you swimming in your pool in no time.

From simple home improvement projects like backyards and driveways to large-scale sites development projects like residential custom houses, subdivisions, and environmental initiatives, we do these all. We constantly produce high-quality solutions, backed by four decades of established local knowledge and a well-known reputation.

We are a fully equipped and experienced licensed, insured, and guaranteed general engineering excavation contractor. We’re delighted to be one of the industry’s most trusted names, capable of providing fantastic quality service to our residential clients.


We make all services affordable to every customer. So you can be fully satisfied after getting the job done!

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Traditional excavation methods, or mechanical excavators, have been used to dig up the earth at many work sites. In many circumstances, the employment of these machines and procedures is still suitable and practicable, especially where accuracy is not a primary consideration.  Nevertheless, the construction industry has changed to satisfy workers’ accuracy and safety concerns, particularly when excavating near regions with underground utilities.

Digging is a challenging yet essential part of pool construction. At first, it’s not just complex but also a noisy endeavor. It would help to have an appealing outdoor getaway if you accepted these drawbacks. For home pool construction, digging usually takes no more than one day. To dig the hole, heavy and oversized machinery is required. If the contractor has easy access to the yard, he would usually excavate with massive earthmoving equipment. However, the procedure will take 2-3 days longer and will cost more to excavate.

A massive amount of rocks and soil will be removed from your property when the hole is dug. Our excavating staff will transport it away in a dump truck on that day.


Excavation is a risky job because if you don’t have the right tools, training, and equipment, you might wind up causing irreversible harm or hurting yourself severely.

Some clients feel that doing these projects yourself or employing a contractor specializing in excavation will save them money. Working with amateurs will squander your valuable time. Furthermore, performing excavation services yourself can cost you more money in the long run. If it’s not done correctly or you make an error, you would have to spend money doing it incorrectly and then more money fixing it correctly.


You can rely on our innovative digging Rochester services for safe and efficient hydro excavation. We have what it takes to complete the task thanks to a team of highly qualified operators and several fully-maintained, first-rate water-pressurized vacuum trucks. 

Significantly, you may collaborate with us with confidence because customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. We’re proud to say that we prioritize recognizing our customers’ demands. Before we begin work, we will thoroughly grasp the project’s scope and choose the most cost-effective option. Like any of our services, Digging in Rochester necessitates the use of heavy equipment, as well as knowledge and experience.

We cut or fill the soil to the needed depth for the new foundation and compact it with our compactors until the geotechnical engineer’s compaction tests fulfill the intended parameters.  Following the creation of the pad, trenches for the foundation footings and subsurface utilities must be excavated. Because the site requirements are specific, we go to great lengths to guarantee that the future home has a perfectly compacted solid surface for the long-term benefits.



Our digging Rochester checklist, developed over years of excellent pool digging and filling jobs, addresses every logistical problem. On every task, we prioritize professional work and remarkable craftsmanship. 

As a trained and experienced excavating contractor, we know many things are going into the building process. All begin with adequate site preparation. We can guarantee that any digging work is done properly to finish your project on time. We have a thorough grasp of the building process. We will collaborate closely with other on-site specialists to get the best possible project outcome. Our employees can also advise you on the most cost-effective options. 

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