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Do I need to acquire planning permission to dig or rearrange my garden

Do I need to acquire planning permission to dig or rearrange my garden?

Most digging and beautification projects do not demand securing planning authorization. Even so, you must always be savvy enough to be mindful of all the restrictions and regulations. Because certain unprecedented tunneling demands planning consent. If you proceed drilling without that, it might add up to a lot of money to reconstruct everything. Local planning authorities hold power, and you have to contact them to get permission.

Explanation on planning permission

It is termed as “planning permission” when the local officials have the power to enact some unusual excavation, beautifying, or manufacturing. Sometimes, you need to get permission to dig in your garden or yard. You need to apply for planning permission, and you have to get in touch with your local authority for that. There are several occasions in which you will or will not allow access. They are

  • Outbuildings can be built without getting any official permission from the locals. Still, they give some conditions to follow. You can only do it if the inside of that building is 30m2. You cannot build it near any road. You cannot even use it for your reasons.
  • Bigger outbuildings with bricks need to get permission before being constructed. In conclusion, basic necessities must be accomplished in order to set up your target outbuildings.
  • You won’t need a planning license if you want to construct a new driveway on your finished driveway. But the place where you’re making it, if it is more significant than 5 square meters and you want to use conventional non-porous surfacing, then you need permission.
  • An enormous change in your garden or yard requires you to get permission from the local authority. Conditions and regulations will be different depending on the area or state. But minor changes can be made freely without any permission.

Does anyone require a planning license to harrow their garden?

The bulk of us are confident that only buildings require confirmation prior to beginning manual labor. Landscapes, gardens, and driveways, on the other hand, may seek confirmation before being erected. So, yes, the term is accurate in that one needs planning permission to excavate their garden or property.

What is permitted development, and how can one obtain planning permission in their hands for the garden?

Generally, the extra room added to your house is considered permitted development. There are also some limits you must attend if you do not want to take consent to install alterations. Such as

  • Your extensions need to be smaller than half the size of your main house.
  • It cannot be higher in height than the main roof.
  • The length of a single-story back-end extension cannot exceed 4 meters.
  • The materials and elements have to be identified as the main house to build it.
  • The extra portion of your house cannot have a veranda or unnecessary platforms.

On the other hand, when you are determined to get planning permission for your garden, you must be aware of the following things.

  • You have to have the abundant capacity for your garden first. Let alone the license and digging. You can’t just squeeze in your home and apply for the license. The whole thing needs to be realistic; otherwise, they can have so many reasons to reject your application.
  • If the whole thing has the potential to become bothersome for your neighbors, then they might refuse your application. So, you have to be very careful that you are not intruding into other people’s comfort zones or privacy by doing that.
  • If your digging the garden is the cause of the loss of so many trees, they may deny your application. While you are working in the garden, you must remain sensitive to the surroundings.
  • Not only do you need to have permission, but you also need to maintain steps to build or dig things. If you focus on things on your own, they may halt you and demand you to restructure every single element, which will be cumbersome and infuriating.
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